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Hi Joan & Tony, I love your stuff! Your devotion to quality in every piece shows, along with your understanding of each gem and its placement. Thank you for bringing us all the opportunity to experience American ingenuity again in an age where creative design seems to have disappeared. My friends and family all love your work! Great stuff you two design and create!

Did I say that your jewelry is “regular” enough for me to wear, but so intuitively and creatively designed, that everyone notices?


In our culture, where uniformity is praised, your unique jewelry touched my soul.  That might sound a little much for 30 minutes at a Farmers Market booth, but it is not hyperbole.  You two have designed jewelry I have never seen before.  You put together metals and gemstones as if you've invented them.  And you've done it all with grace.
Perhaps if I tell you your jewelry is enough to make me, a woman who lives in jeans and sneakers, put on heels and a dress, you will understand.
Your jewelry is a feast for the eyes.  Finally, I have found a place to go celebrate my female family and friends and, once in awhile, myself!

suzy @
In a field of Southern California's uniformity, it's a joy to feast my eyes on your jewelry.  Your stuff is gorgeous!  This is not just jewelry and it's not just art.  It's totally wearable, different without being weird, eye-stopping ~ or, in my case, an "Oh my gosh, I have to have that!"
I'm also an "energy feeler."  When I see and touch your stuff, I know your hearts are in it.  Thank you for sharing your gifts!
Elegant beauty!  What a joy!  This site is very beautiful and has a mystical feel to it.  I love it!


Dear Joan & Tony, I am so enthralled with my new bracelets.  I've been staring at them since picking them up & noticing more and more of the amazing details!!!
...Thanks again for sharing your incredible vision and passion to create such beautiful jewelry for me.

Tony & Joan, Thank you so much for the gorgeious rings!  You guys are fantastic and your art in jewelry is amazing!
Sarah Beth on May 15, 2013
My new bracelets are as wonderful as you two!!!!!

Gean said this on Mary 21, 2013
Tony and Joan, Your jewelry is a result of the incredible passion and talent you both have for creativity. Thank you for bringing inspiration to my own creativity!

Sandi said this on July 24, 2010 at 7:30 p.m.    
Joan & Tony used to run a boutique in San Francisco, so as the buyer, Joan will never sell you anything she doesn't think looks great on you.  For custom work, she works closely with you to come up with exactly what you need.  A pleasure to know and to patronize!